“I was overweight, exhausted all the time, on three medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and water retention. No matter what I did, exercise, food, supplements, I couldn’t get my energy back. I came to a talk, learned about real health, and now am off all my medications. I’ve regained my energy, and at 53 am once again able to stay awake after dinner and enjoy my family.”

Edward read more

Learned about real health

“I suffered from vertigo, sore/stiff neck on the left side, with dizziness and headaches anywhere from 2-3 times a week. The vertigo was effecting my daily routine that it was difficult to work at times. I noticed a change within the first few weeks of care. My headaches and vertigo have cleared and don’t have them as often as well as I have noticed I’m not as tired anymore… I feel great!”

Brenda read more

I feel great

“I suffered from migraines, anxiety, and dizziness. I’ve had them for about 3 years. I would get a migraine anywhere from 4-5 times a week and panic attacks. I would miss school regularly, last year I missed 52 days and about 20 half days. After my first adjustment I noticed a change, as treatment progressed I have had only 2 migraines and my anxiety is down. I have noticed that I have had a change in appetite and lost some weight and am getting much better sleep!”

Dayton read more

Change in appetite and lost some weight and much better sleep

“I was experiencing neck and back pain due to a car accident that happened over ten years ago. Chronic headaches and migraines along with digestive issues, I also was suffering from menstrual cramps… I started to experience improvement within the first 2 weeks of care.”

Rachel read more

Improvement within the first 2 weeks of care

Dr Whitney is a very caring and thorough Doctor who cares deeply about all of his patients. He can come on strong, but through my experience with him, that is simply because he is so passionate about the health and wellness of his patients.

I would suffer from ear infections about every 6-8 weeks, along with internal issues with my organs. Since going to Doctor Whitney, I have not had an ear infection and my issues with my organs has been steadily improving. My mother has sciatic issues, and since seeing Dr. Whitney, she has been able to lessen her cortisone shots and is able to walk both up and down stairs, and to the store, which she hadn’t been able to do for a number of years.

Him and his staff will teach you about health on a different level than you thought possible, without needing a degree in biology to understand it. They will explain the purpose and value of your nervous system, eating habits and exercise in such a way that allows you to understand and implement the changes needed for recovery.

I would highly recommend Dr. Whitney and his clinic to anyone and have seen the results in the people who go to his clinic for more than just back pain. read more

Will teach you about health on a different level than you thought possible

We first heard about Dr. Whitney from a friend who suffered from crones disease. He explained how Dr. Whitney’s care had taken away all of his symptoms and gotten him off all medication.
My wife had been suffering with severe abdominal pain for 5 years and the medical system had done nothing for her and had no answers. They went so far as to remove her gall bladder, which did no good.
After 6 weeks of Dr. Whitney’s care her pain was totally gone. For 4 years now she has been feeling great and we have our normal lives back. Our whole family has been going to the clinic and each and every one of us has a story to tell about the life changing difference.
Thank you so much for helping my family. read more

Life changing difference
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