At Alberta Preventative Health Services we are committed to delivering the most current, evidence-based information to our patients. We are dedicated to creating an informed community of people who are willing to take responsibility for their own health and the health of their family members.


Paperwork and Video
Please bring a completed copy of the New Patient Application Form, for every person who wishes to have an examination with you to the first appointment.


Your history, current health status and health goals will be evaluated by a doctor before you begin.


Appointment Explanation
In order to become patients in our clinic, families must attend two separate appointments.

  • The first appointment is a New Patient Orientation where potential patients learn the core principles of chiropractic, the mission and vision of the clinic and how patients can experience great results. It is during this appointment that we will evaluate paperwork and your main health concern, perform a thorough examination, and take any necessary spinal x-rays.
  • The second appointment is an Introductory Tour where you will receive an information package containing everything you will need to get started, you will be taught how to perform proper rehab, and you will receive your first adjustment.