Why We Are Different

Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer founded chiropractic in 1895. He performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a deaf man named Harvey Lillard, which restored his hearing. Following this incredible discovery, he continued researching the relationship between the spine and health, and established the first chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa, in 1897. His son, Bartlett Joshua (BJ) Palmer, dedicated his life’s work to turning this new discovery into what we know today as chiropractic, currently one the largest health professions world-wide.

BJ Palmer stated that ‘…the body needs no help to heal, just no interference’. This is why chiropractic care is not only for those who have health concerns, but also for individuals who feel relatively healthy – those who have a few or no symptoms. You may not realize how the normal activities of daily living can directly damaging your spine and can create significant interference to the integrity of your nervous system. Regular chiropractic adjustments at Alberta Preventative Health Services will help to reduce spinal damage to restore neural integrity and maintain your body in an optimal state of health.

A helpful way to better understand chiropractic is to discuss its philosophyscience, and art.



The human body is designed with an amazing the ability to heal itself. There is an ‘innate intelligence’ that coordinates all the functions of the body. For your heart to beat, for your lungs to breath or for a cut to heal on your finger, your body possesses an incredible wisdom to accomplish all of these tasks.

The coordination of all functions of the body is controlled by the central nervous system (CNS). The normal flow of nerve impulses from the brain to the body and (vice versa) allow for the complex coordination of the inner state of health. The central nervous is protected by the bones of the spine, and that is why chiropractors believe that the maintenance of spinal health is the key to maintaining the integrity of the central nervous system, thereby allowing for optimal expression of health.




Chiropractic is a health profession that detects and corrects spinal mis-alignments called, subluxations and the effects that they have on the nervous system and overall health. A subluxation is like a misaligned gear. It is a spinal joint that is stuck in an abnormal position, which can reduce it’s motion and alter it’s neural integrity.

Spinal subluxations can happen from trauma, such as car accidents, work injuries or falls. In other cases, they are caused by chronic stresses, like bad postural habits while sitting, texting, sleeping, lifting, poor workstation design, and overuse of certain motions. When a subluxation of the spine occurs it interferes with the normal communication of the nervous system, resulting a certain level of dysfunction in body. If left unchecked over a period of time a subluxation may result in the manifestation of a symptom or condition of the body. However, subluxations may or may not produce an apparent symptoms and that is why it is necessary for a trained chiropractor to regularly evaluate the spine for subluxation.

The chiropractic adjustments that are performed at Alberta Preventative Health Services do not treat pain or symptoms, but instead correct spinal subluxation, thus allowing for the normal integrity of the nervous system to return, increasing the body’s own ability to heal and repair itself. This is why chiropractic patients report not only having less pain and relief of symptoms, but more importantly higher levels of well-being in various other areas of their health including immune system, energy, quality of sleep and mental focus.

Two major changes take place in the body when a properly performed adjustment is delivered:


  1.  there is a decrease in the sympathetic nervous system which controls the active stress state of the body (fight of flight response).
  2.  there is an up regulation of the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes the rest and repair state of the body.


Reverend Samuel Weed, a scholar and early chiropractic patient is credited with the naming of the profession. Taken from two Greek words, cheir meaning hand, and praxis meaning practice, “chiropractic” translates to “done by hand.” The specific intervention that a chiropractor uses is an extremely refined procedure called an adjustment. It takes years of study, training, and practice to develop the dexterity to effectively perform a corrective chiropractic adjustment. An adjustment is a controlled impulse applied through a subluxated joint in a very specific direction and depth in order to restore proper joint motion, muscle balance, and nerve function. An experienced chiropractor, who has mastered the skill of adjusting, can treat a patient with great ease and comfort. Typically there is little, if any pain felt during an adjustment.