Workout of the Week


Each exercise will be performed for 4 sets.

Each set consists of 20 seconds of explosive exercise and 10 seconds of rest. In total, each set should take 2 minutes. The whole workout is 13 minutes.

1.  Cross Crunches: This is an intensive movement that will immediately start to build rock hard abs. You’re doing cross-body movement that will help with neuromuscular developed! This compound movement will help you get in the best shape of your life!
2. Mountain Climbers: Working all the main muscles of the body, including the abs, arms and some leg muscles makes this a super effective exercise to get incredible results! Create a metabolic surge by driving your legs as hard and fast as possible or hold the plank position to recruit more abdominal muscles!
3.  Axe-Chops: This exercise will build the best abs but it will also work your shoulders, upper back, triceps and obliques for the ultimate body workout! Make sure you’re alternating sides each set to even everything out!
4.  Shin Slaps: This exercise will increase your functionality, but also act as a metabolic conditioning, multi-joint exercise that will engage your core and get your heart rate up! Hold a weight in your hands or attach weights to your ankles for a challenge!
5.  Russian Twists: In this exercise you will be working your internal and external obliques, rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus because it is a full rotational exercise. Add some weights to this exercise to challenge yourself!
6.  Burpees: The ultimate full-body exercise will engage your arms, back, shoulderns, core, legs and glutes. Burpees are an explosive exercise that will increase your strength, endurance, ability and functionality. Challenge yourself to finish this workout with burpees!